How I seized the Games+Learning+Society #gls11 ❤ Happiness

How I seized the #gls11 Happiness and NOW your GamefulHeroes challenge is…

Hanan Gazit gls11 Videogames GamefuHeroes

I seize the moment of NOW #gls11 and I'm loving it! #GamefulHeroes

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The 11th Annual Games+Learning+Society Conference happening NOW in Madison is one of the premier videogames and learning events of the year. I wish I could attend in person to present my latest research and work on Gameful Elections 2015 and Games apps design for teens with special needs. Instead, this year I've e-participated online. My small e-contribution using Social Media tools is presented in the gallery above. In short:

Data show that ❤ #gls11 we are happy, Elevated, Excited, Active and Content

Now your #gls11 GamefulHeroes challenge is: follow 3 #gls11 participants and contact them to learn more about their games studies R&D interests. Show your love by re-tweeting their best tweets.


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🎮 About the writer
Dr. Hanan Gazit, PhD design and study gameful experiences, video games & virtual worlds. Founder and CEO ✪ juloot interactive. Doer, Thinker, Mentor and keynote speaker. Hanan consult leading 500 fortune companies and startups on using Gameful design for branding, marketing, sales and training to empower abilities and boost results to success. Additionally, He serves as the Israeli Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA) Chapter. Currently, he is writing his first book entitled Gameful Heroes.

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I"m a Video Games researcher, Virtual Reality, Gameful UX, Game-Thinking expert. Founder at juloot Gamificationand Gaming Consultancy Agency, Senior advisor to organizations, enterprise, and startups. Keynote Speaker, Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) Israeli Chapter, Business Mentor at the FacultyXL Accelerator Hub, Book writer ‘GamefulHeroes’ (in prep).