Bring Your Own Book The game Funded!

Bring Your Own Book, the game of borrowed phrases (where players searchby @dobettergames was successfully funded 1 day ago @kickstarter Congrats guys!


Bring Your Own Book, the game of borrowed phrases (where players search through books for text to take way out of context) by @dobettergames was successfully funded 1 day ago @kickstarter. Nearly 1900 backers and over 400% funding of the original goal! Congrats guys!

מאת: ד"ר חנן גזית

Dr. Hanan Gazit holds a Ph.D. in the Learning Sciences from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. His research interests include digital games, gamification, learning in 3D virtual reality environments and eSports. He is an Academic lecturer and mentors computer science college students on game apps development. He is the Founder of juloot interactive and former CEO of MentaverSense Ltd. which developed 3D virtual worlds for training and simulations. Dr. Gazit advises leading Fortune 500 companies on using his gameful design framework to create engaging experiences for boosting results to success. He serves as a Business Mentor for gaming startups at the Inno-Negev Technology Accelerator. Additionally, He serves on the Advisory Board for blockchain startups StormX Inc. and MaxDataIO. Hanan is a keynote speaker, a gamer and a book author entitled: The Gameful Heroes' Future (in preparation). Moreover, he serves as the Middle East Co-Chair for the immersive Learning Network (iLRN) 2018 Conference and since 2007 he heads the Israeli Chapter of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA).