We are Players, not users

Gameful Content is becoming main stream. It changes our definition of social media and our expectations. We are PLAYERS, not users.

we are the players not useres

אנחנו שחקנים, לא משתמשים.

we are the players not useres

Gameful Content is becoming main stream. It changes our definition of social media and our expectations. We are PLAYERS, not users.

Playing is much more human.

PlayBuzz, Interlude interactive videos, Qumerce's Apester are the new tools in the growing gameful toolbox of the content marketing creators. Click to view a quick poll regarding the coming Israeli Elections

"The Medium is the Message" coined by by the notable Prof. Marshall McLuhan, suggests that the form of a message (print, visual, musical, etc.) determines the ways in which that message will be perceived. I could not agree more with him.

Our Gameful Heroes Generation has made a grand sociological, aesthetic, and philosophical impact, altering the ways in which we experience the world.

Create and use gameful content wisely to engage your online readers, they are your PLAYERS. Do they care were you place it? At the top, in the middle or at the end of your social media content. Choose your fav in my poll and Share with us what do you think

About the writer

Hanan Gazit, PhD design and study gameful experiences, video games & virtual worlds. Founder ✪ juloot interactive, keynote speaker, lecturer and mentor. Hanan consult leading 500 fortune companies, organizations and start-ups on using Gameful design for branding, marketing, sales and training to empower abilities and boost results to success. Additionally, He serves as the Israeli Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA) Chapter. He is currently write his book Gameful Heroes.

מאת: ד"ר חנן גזית

Dr. Hanan Gazit holds a Ph.D. in the Learning Sciences from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. His research interests include digital games, gamification, learning in 3D virtual reality environments and eSports. He is an Academic lecturer and mentors computer science college students on game apps development. He is the Founder of juloot interactive and former CEO of MentaverSense Ltd. which developed 3D virtual worlds for training and simulations. Dr. Gazit advises leading Fortune 500 companies on using his gameful design framework to create engaging experiences for boosting results to success. He serves as a Business Mentor for gaming startups at the Inno-Negev Technology Accelerator. Additionally, He serves on the Advisory Board for blockchain startups StormX Inc. and MaxDataIO. Hanan is a keynote speaker, a gamer and a book author entitled: The Gameful Heroes' Future (in preparation). Moreover, he serves as the Middle East Co-Chair for the immersive Learning Network (iLRN) 2018 Conference and since 2007 he heads the Israeli Chapter of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA).